• Will my Money be Safe with my Financial Planner in Montreal

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    March 7, 2021 /  Business and Finance

    Will my money be safe with my Montreal Financial Planner?

    With this series of Financial Planning Services FAQs, my goal is to educate you in your quest to find the very best financial advisors in Montreal.

    These are free financial advisory services, and they will position you to wisely choose an independent Montreal financial planner who is both knowledgeable and reputable.

    Question: Will my Money Be Safe with my Personal Financial Advisor?

    With all the ups and downs of the markets lately, why wouldnt you ask that question!!
    There are simple ways to safeguard your money so that you dont lose your fortune. The first thing to do to safeguard your money is this: by simply putting Stop Losses on all the investment positions.
    This will stop your downward spiral whenever the markets go into free fall. Think of it, your personal financial consultants first priority should be for long-term growth, and most importantly long-term capital preservation for your retirement years.
    ‘Capital Preservation’ means you get to keep your money. What a novel idea!

    Please write this down:
    – The safety of your money should be ensured 100% by adding the safety net of stop losses.
    – The next thing you should have is direct access to your money at any time, in the financial trading institution where your money is kept
    – Your money should be kept in Federally Insured financial institutions, just in case that institution goes bankrupt.
    – and finally, to further put your mind at ease, your financial planner should keep your assets in an investment account under YOUR OWN NAME in any financial trading institution, for example, TD Ameritrade or Meryl Lynch, to name a few.

    Follow these simple steps for any financial planning services that you are seeking, whether your needs are for a fee based Montreal financial advisor, or a retirement financial planner in Montreals tax system, or simply any type of specialized financial investment advisors.
    Montreals best financial advisors will be able to answer these questions satisfactorily for the safety of your money, and I would never settle for anything less. After all, you and your family deserve services from Montreals best financial advisors who are equipped and knowledgeable in todays information age, to meet your money safety needs.

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